Panorama Hotel-Restaurant Lohme
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Excerpt from the menu

Starters & salads

Beef carpaccio
with lime oil and grated parmesan

13,90 €

Parma ham on a bed of melon
with baked bread

13,50 €

Insalata Caprese
with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

11,90 €

Insalata Nizza
with mixed salad, tuna, onions, olives, pepper, tomatoes, boiled eggs, anchovi

15,80 €

Insalata Pastorale
Goat’s cheese au gratin on arugula with pears and pine nuts

14,80 €


Sea Buckthorn Pepper Soup
Garnished with pink berries and fresh herbs with salmon bites

6,90 €

Lohmer fish soup
Cream of fennel soup with fried fish fillets, vegetables, sundried tomatoes, fagottini, capers and a stick of puff pastry

9,90 €

with baked bread

6,90 €

Crema di pomodoro
fruity tomato cream soup

6,90 €

We serve fresh bread with all soups and salads

Pasta, lasagne & vegetarian

Lasagne vegetale
with fennel, fish fillets, julienne vegetables and fagottini

15,90 €

Spaghetti alla carbonara
with bacon, eggs and parmesan

13,90 €

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare
with seafood, tomatoes, onions, garlic

17,90 €

Rigatoni all‘ Amatriciana
with onions, bacon, tomato sauce and feta cheese

13,90 €

Meat dishes

Fresh breaded pork schnitzel
with creamed mushrooms, side salad and French fries

16,90 €

Fried pork tenderloin
with gogonzola sauce & spaghetti aglio e olio

19,90 €

Fried chicken livers
with apple slices, onion rings and mashed potatoes

16,90 €

Jasmund game goulash
with root vegetables, lingonberry pear and butter spaetzle

17,90 €

with green pepper sauce, french fries & side salad

26,90 €


Fried Baltic herring
with fried potatoes and side salad

16,90 €

Plaice „Lohme style“
with bacon, fried potatoes & side salad

18,90 €

Fried cod fillet
on potato mash with cabbage and sea buckthorn sauce

19,90 €

Fresh salmon fillet
on a bed of vegetables with mashed potatoes

24,90 €



6,90 €

Panna cotta
flavored with fresh cherries

6,50 €

Crème brûlée

6,90 €

Warm apple strudel
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

6,90 €