Our Team

What would our hotel be without its team, the many hard-working hands – on the „front“ and in the background – who give their best every day to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay. From service to the caretaker, many people contribute to the success of our house. Some employees have been here for years and with many regular guests already on first name terms. That’s what makes it so personal and familiar, which is why many guests return to Lohme every year.

We are very happy to have found such a reliable, professional and friendly team and would like to introduce you to a few of our staff.

Owner – Matthias Ogilvie
He discovered this house more than 30 years ago and made it his own. He has always steered and managed the hotel, even through difficult times. But he is not only a hotelier, but also Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Rostock and was Mayor of Lohme for many years. His other passion is philosophy. You can often see him sitting in a restaurant with guests having long, tedious conversations. Everyone who knows him probably has his own story about Matthias Ogilvie, but in the end it usually turns out that a good-hearted person lives in his hotel.

Annette and Nicole share this space. All the threads here come together. They organize the processes in the house and are always the friendly, competent and helpful contact persons for our guests that we wish for.

Massimo has been in charge here for a year and gives our menu an Italian flair. He is accompanied by Leszek, Patrik and Stiven. They keep the quality of our cuisine high and like to surprise their guests with international elements in our regionally influenced dishes.

Peggy, Riccarda and Karsten ensure the right start to the day. The three juggle between kitchen and service and conjure up our varied breakfast on the table every day.

Mandy is almost something of a veteran. Despite the double burden of having 3 children, she always has a smile on her face. Bartosz, Leon and Francesco are at her side. They create the atmosphere that makes our restaurant so popular.

There is also someone in this department who has been there from the start. Rica lives in Lohme and has been loyal to us for over 20 years. Together with her, Anne, Simona, Maika and Wojtech ensure that our guests feel at home.

Building superintendent
Walter and Jürgen form the team that is always on the go to take care of the gardens and heal all the „little ailments“ that an old house has.